Top 5 purses which make me not care I’ll have no money left to actually use them

mum and coWith a new fresh year ahead of us this means a time for simplicity and frugality for many. The first this top 5 can help you with – beautiful clean lines, fresh designs, honestly produced, call them modern heirlooms if you wish.

Though yes, splurging on such beauty might mean you won’t have any money left to actually use them – but let’s worry about that later….

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Top 5 seriously jolly Christmas cards to celebrate the season.

happy holidays by dapper fox designChristmas is literally around the corner so if you haven’t picked out your cards yet (*ahum* guilty *ahum* work-overload *ahum* bad excuse I know..) here’s a top 5 of quirky and jolly cards created by independent artists which put a big grin on my face (which is ultimately what you want to accomplish with any card right?)…

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It’s all a’bao that base with Wonton in a Million

Wonton in A million - read the full story on this awesome #dimsum brand on!

Starting your first business is a bit like having a baby.

Ok so I have not actually experienced having a real life baby, but even as an observer I can see the similarities.

My baby was born a little over 7 weeks ago. Starting my business is fun and scary, tiring and one of the best things that have happened to me. It’s also literally been 9 months from having the business idea (while doing yoga, I kid you not) till October 4th, when Andere Chocolade officially came alive. And since, things have happened I never could have imagined.

(I think now is the time, and Dutch people will appreciate this, to tell that the singer of this song liked one of my insta photos. No one ever talks about the amount of random things happening when starting a venture!).

Like most new parents I love talking about my baby. Or other babies. And that’s what I am going to do today. Talk about this baby  creative entrepreneur (let’s not misuse the comparison too much ;)), I’ve been following for months. Which is actually also really quite new. But most of all crazy inspiring exciting. Meet Wonton in a Million!

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Big news!

Get this beautiful quote on a free postcard!

After a year of having a bio that says ‘soon-to-be entrepreneur’ I finally am happy to share that this has now changed: I am starting my own business!…

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Fighting modern-day slavery: The Tote Project

Amazing bags and pouches by the Tote Project

After having featured Cucula a while back, I stumbled upon The Tote Project through good ol’ instagram. Get ready for another inspiring story about creatives supporting a good cause by starting a business. This time not by selling chairs, but (the name might have given it away..) a collection of very sweet tote bags (and more!)….

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Move over cows, fruitleather is here!

Leather made from discarded fruit.. whoa upcycling!
Guys, Mark Ruffalo just tweeted about this and seeing as he has ‘an eye on a better, brighter, cleaner, more hopeful future for all of us.’ I think we need to take this serious: leather made from fruit, it’s real (and almost here)….

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